Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Small Group for on Level Students

I am absolutely obsessed with Fun-in-First comprehension notebook.  They are a great fit for my on grade level students.  A mixture of fiction and nonfiction text is great for developing comprehension.  The notebook is formatted for a daily read with a set of questions for each day.  I use the notebook twice a week and we complete all five days in two! Take a look at our small group!

This group of students does not like to use pointer fingers.  They love to use a marker to point and read.  Not just any marker, a super smelly marker!

After reading the question we go back and find the answer and underline it in the text! 

I love the response to reading.  The students each connect to their own background to develop an answer.  This question asked what would your parents say if you got into trouble at school. 

Some of the answers...

"You are in so much trouble!"
"You are not going outside today!"
"You must do the right thing!"

Great topics to spark conversations.  This really helps develop language in my ELL students.  

 We love these Crayola  smelly markers!  Anything that helps to keep engagement I am willing to let them use!

I hope this gives you some ideas for small groups!

Here is the product I used! 

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