Tuesday, February 3, 2015

iPads in the Classroom-QR Codes

We have been an iPad school for a little over 2 years.  The first year was a learning curve for me in how I would use iPads with 6 year olds.  Little did I know they would teach me!  One of our favorite iPad activities are QR codes.  They just love to scan stuff!  Whenever we see a QR code whether on a snack bag, in a book, or magazine we HAVE to scan it.  It's an easy activity to reinforce skills and keep engagement.  My students each have an iPad buddy!   Their picture is the wallpaper on their iPad so it is easy to keep track of who's iPad is whose.   To prep for the QR lesson I print and laminate the cards.  I then tape the cards all over the room.  That is the fun part!  The kids are moving the whole time!  The rule being only one set of partners at a code, at a time.  They do so well with it!  They are too engaged to be silly!  As they are moving around the room I am walking around helping where needed.  The students read the card and solve the problem.  They write their answer on the recording sheet with a marker.  The marker is key!  They then scan to see if they answered correctly.  If the answer is not correct they X it out and write the correct in.  When I collect the sheets I can easily see what questions the students need more assistance on.  After today's lesson I noticed most students need additional support with expanded form.  Here is a look at a review math lesson using QR codes.  

We used the recording sheets, iPads, clipboards, and markers.

 iPad buddies worked together to solve the problem, record it, and check by scanning. 

I love being able to check their work without them erasing!  If it was crossed out I know they answered incorrectly and need additional support on the skill! Alternative assessment ;)

Happy Teaching! 

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