Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's up Sunday?!

I am trying to be more organized and healthy this year!  On Sundays I have been prepping and packing my lunches for the whole week. I usually pack 3-4 lunches and plan to splurge at the Pizza Hut salad bar one day :).  At first I figured packing all my lunches on one day would be overwhelming and time consuming. Over all it takes me less than a half hour to prep, pack, and store!  Check out my assembly line!

I love these rectangle lunch boxes I found at Marshalls!  I also love using silicon cupcake bases for dips, sauces, and little items.

I layout all the items for the week. I hate boring lunches, so I try to have a variety of items! 


  1. Abbie--the girl who always has a perfectly packed lunch. I wish my lunches looked this wonderful. I'm lucky if I have a lunchable lately! You have no idea how much I miss eating lunch with you!!!!!!

  2. Justin wants to start doing this!!! Great tips!