Sunday, September 14, 2014

Creating a classroom family, small moments, and a little on the oil front :)

Every year one of my top priorities is to create a classroom where everyone feels loved and cared for. I have been taking a few minutes every couple of days to write a letter to a student. I just love the look on their face when they see their "mail".  I had a last years student's mother tell me at back to school night that their child still had the letters.  It made my heart melt!  

This month we are working on small moments in writing. It is always hard to get a child to go from a huge mega moment scaled down to a small moment!  I started out with a Froggy book. Using the big moment (learning to swim) then scaling it down to the moment Froggy hit the water!  We then made a list of moments that were special to us!  Take a look at our charts, stories, and a freebie at the end!!

Using pictures to show a series of events!  
Big moment-birthday party!
Small moment-blowing out your candles! 

Click Below For Freebies!!

Last but for sure not least.... Oils!!!

So I am totally in love with Young Living Oils!!  My lovely half human dog Ginger has had a bad run with big bug bites this year :(. My poor baby!!  I decided to do some research on essentail oils and dogs!  I found a great list of oils and treatments!! 

I have been using coconut oil and lavender on her belly and look at the results!!! I am so thankful they are clearing up :)  

One Happy Pooch!

Happy Sunday! 

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