Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Workstation Wednesdays- Fluency!

I find with small children to get them to read and practice fluency you have to be creative with the activity.  Using games and activities that can be paired with sight words, phrases, and phonics words is key.  I love using games that work like "oops"!  To name a few Crocodile Dentist, Don't Wake Daddy (just the alarm part), and a really gross but fun one is Gooey Louie booger game.  Each of these games can be used with any word/phrase cards, I have the students pick a card, read it, and push a tooth, clock, or pick! ;)

Also in fluency students have the option to read from their bag of independent books.  Paired with the books are "tools" they can use.  I have whisper phones, pointer fingers, finger flashlights, and magnifying glasses.  Having these items seems to help keep the students focused on reading.  Of course, I have the little stinkers that can not handle the tools.  

I run behavior management during station times and if you can't handle yourself you lose all games and tools and owe me recess.  The first few weeks a lot of my friends lost recess time.  Now later in the year the expectations and consequences are known and I have less interruptions.   I hope this gives you some ideas about stations!  Next week I will be covering word wall and posting a FREEBIE :) 

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