Thursday, March 5, 2015

Organizing Math Supplies

Every year around this time I look around my classroom and feel the walls starting to come in.  I see counters in the tens bucket, markers in the pencil bin, and stuff stuffed everywhere!  Well that happened this week.  I decided after talking to the kids we took 20 minutes, designated jobs and started to clean.  It's amazing how fast you can do a clean up with 44 hands involved.  My kids love to use our kids broom and dust pan to clean with.  That is a daily job preformed the last 5 minutes of the day! By no means is it all done, but at least we have the stuff in the right places.  I decided I wanted to vamp up my math supply containers with labels and clear bins.  I didn't have to go out and buy any new bins after looking around the classroom and switching out containers.  I had enough shoe box bins to put all my math supplies in.  This included our monthly math centers!  Take a look at our math supplies.  Keep scrolling for a math label freebie! 

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