Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meeting Goals, Number Sense, & A Little Turkey Talk

Hey Friends!

This year teachers have to make a student goal that can be measured at the end of the year.  I am focusing on mClass math number sense.  In order to ensure my students are ready for the middle and end of year assessment  I am focusing daily on a skill using a fun monthly themed format along with the task looking very similar to the assessment they will be faced with.  I want the students to be familiar to the format and the expectations.  Here are some pictures of our number sense sheets.  I have over 3/4's of the class at the end of year benchmark for missing numbers! 

This week we started our Thanksgiving centers.  Math centers are once a week on Thursday.  During this time my mother comes in and runs a small group focusing on addition strategies.  While the students are in groups I progress monitor, then run a small group on subtraction.  Here is a look at our centers this week.  

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